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Training for existing staff...

At Taylor Made Training we can work with you to identify skill shortages within your workforce and then develop a training course that will provide your existing members of staff with the relevant expertise to become a more effective member of the team.


Training is a beneficial way to maximise business efficiency and ensure employees remain happy and feel they are a part of their organisation.


Providing training for staff can boost staff productivity and morale by demonstrating to employees you are prepared to invest in them. Your employees will feel valued as they are gaining a nationally recognised qualification and as a result you will benefit from a more motivated and focused workforce.


We can deliver the following qualifications as a stand alone NVQ qualification or as a full Apprenticeship; (NVQ qualification combined with functional skills and knowledge on Employment Rights and Responsibilities)


  • Business Administration

  • Customer Service

  • ITQ

  • Management

  • Retail

  • Team Leading

  • Warehousing and Storage