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Become an Apprentice!

Reasons to become an Apprentice...


1. Earn while you learn

The current National Minimum Wage for Apprentice's is £3.40

Some employers may use progression pay rises throughout the Apprenticeship, however this is dependent on the individual employer.


2. Excellent start to your professional career

Apprenticeships offer individuals the opportunity in environments where it may not have been possible without. They are an excellent start to a professional career in the desired sector/environment.


3. Apprenticeships are a viable option rather than university

We encourage all learners to invest in the future opportunity that is most suited to their individual needs. We understand specific vocations require a university degree. However, apprenticeships are an excellent option for those who do not wish to attend university and begin the journey to their desired career.


4. Gain practical, relevant training and experience

Apprenticeships allow the individual to work in 'real world' environments; allowing them to gain the required skills and knowledge needed for the job role.


5. Great for school leavers

Many school leavers will find that when leaving they have little if any skills, experience or training specifically related to the sector/environment they wish to pursue. This is expected, but an Apprenticeship will offer you all of the above along with a nationally recognised qualification.


6. Cost

Apprenticeship training for candidates aged 16-24 is fully funded therefore there is no cost of training to the apprentice.


7. The level of support available

A high level of support and guidance is provided to each apprentice from both the training company and the employer to ensure that individual’s needs and requirements are met. You will be appointment a direct supervisor in your placement and your assessor will be on hand at all times.


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If you are currently employed for 16 Hours or more per week and would like to work towards a nationally recognised qualification please contact us to arrange an appointment or complete the enquiry form found on our home page.